Repairing and servicing a private residency’s pumping stations

Property owner



Project Type

Servicing, refurbishment, installation

Products Used

Third-party, MagnaPro, SumpFlushIP, PowerSafe

Onsite Duration

3 days


South West London


We were asked by the owner of a large private residence in SouthWest London to repair and service its wastewater pumping systems, which comprised one foul, one storm and three groundwater stations.


On inspection one groundwater station was found to be inoperable with its discharge pipework disconnected and the pumps partially dismantled – a complete refurbishment would be required.

The previous equipment was completely stripped out and replaced with new pipework and automatic high-head groundwater pumps. The new pumps are controlled by a 10-hour changeover panel which switches the duty and backup pumps periodically to even out wear.

The existing battery backup system was also non-functioning so a PowerSafe 3100.CP was ordered and subsequently installed.

The other two groundwater stations were fully functioning. They were serviced in accordance with our Schedule of Works.

Both the foul and storm water pumping stations needed minor repairs. Neither system was stepping over correctly so the stepping relay in each control panel was replaced. The stepping relay switches the duty and assist pumps after each pump activations so wear on the pumps and contacts even out.

The floats on the foul and storm stations were replaced as the cables had hardened. These were wired into new junction boxes which were sealed with gel.

Additionally, the storm station’s pump claw seals were replaced so that a good seal was achieved.


The straightforward and professional way the work was completed was appreciated by the client and has led to them entering an Edincare Service Agreement for planned preventative maintenance of all the wastewater pumping systems at the property. Additionally, they have asked us to service the pumping systems of an adjacent property.

Scheduled servicing will greatly reduce the risk of breakdown and increase the life expectancy of the equipment.

The inoperable groundwater station.

The inoperable groundwater station. Pipework was disconnected and the pump’s base can be seen separated from its main body.
The same station following refurbishment.

The same station following refurbishment.
The stations 10-hour changeover panel.

The stations 10-hour changeover panel.
The PowerSafe battery backup system for the refurbished groundwater station

The PowerSafe battery backup system for the refurbished groundwater station.
The foul station after servicing.

The foul station after servicing.
Stepping relay

The stepping relays of the foul and storm stations were replaced.
A single pump groundwater station

A single pump groundwater station.


The importance of service agreements

All pumping systems require regular maintenance to mitigate the risk of breakdown and ensure they perform optimally and fulfil their expected lifespan.

In addition to maintaining Edincare Pumps products we also service other manufacturers pump equipment regardless of type, make and age.

Our Service Agreements consist of planned preventive maintenance visits at an agreed frequency. As part of all service visits, a detailed service check list is utilised that covers all visual inspections, working tests, system adjustments and electrical safety checks.

Our engineers are fully trained in all aspects of working with pumped drainage systems, as well as being specifically trained in the use of gas detection equipment, confined space entry procedures and all relevant health and safety legislation.

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