Hospitality & Retail

At Edincare Pumps, we work with many well known brands in the Retail and Hospitality sector to ensure their premises remain open and operational at all times.

We work with a large number of well known high street brands, hotels, restaurants and shopping centres and have done so for the past two decades, delivering both products and services. Regulations for commercial kitchens and food preparation areas dictate the premises are required to install a method of fat, oil and grease removal. Furthermore, with many kitchens located within basement applications, it is often a requirement to install and maintain pump equipment. Edincare Pumps are able to specify, supply, install and maintain this equipment.

Our focus on providing unrivalled levels of customer service and reliability mean our scheduled works are carried out on time and within budget, avoiding any disruption of service, essential for the competitive retail sector.

With our comprehensive range of products and services, we are able to provide a turnkey solution to all pumped drainage requirements.

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