MagnaPro Twin 1000-1500 (Vortex), 3-phase

Product Code: 3471

£5,245.00 ex VAT

  • Application: Residential, PS, Commercial, Hospitality & Retail
  • Max Vertical: 8.2 m
  • Max Flow Rate: 8.2 l/sec
  • Discharge Size: 90 mm OD HDPE
  • Number of pumps: 2


The MagnaPro Twin 1000-1500 Vortex is a fully automatic packaged pumping station suitable for pumping grey, surface, storm or foul water to a higher level when gravity drainage is not possible and/or economical to install.

The system provides up to 705 litre storage capacity depending on inlet depth. It is ideal for accepting waste from an extension, outbuilding, basement or similar.

Its three-phase pumps provide higher torque to minimise blockages, increased energy efficiency, and improved reliability compared to a single-phase pump. Their vortex impellors provide reliable and effective pumping of grey and foul water.

The system comprises our award-winning polyethylene MagnaPro chamber, internal Class E PVC pipework and fittings, brass valves, control panel, float switches, two pedestal-mounted manual pumps with vortex impellors, and an external compression adaptor for discharge to 90 mm OD HDPE.

It is easy to install as inlets can be positioned to your site’s requirements. Inlet information to be supplied at time of order, or can be drilled on site.

An access cover is not included. A range of access covers is available to suit your project requirements.

Our packaged pumping stations are built to last and designed to be easy to service.


  • Vortex impellors for high flow rates
  • Twin pumps for backup if one of the pumps fail
  • Three-phase pumps for higher torque, increased energy efficiency, and improved reliability
  • Up to 705 litres storage capacity
  • 60° benching
  • Compact chamber for limited space installations
  • Ideal for an extension, outbuilding, basement or similar application
  • 750 mm x 600 mm clear opening
  • Variable inlet positions to suit site
  • A range of alarms and remote alerts are available offering peace of mind
  • Quick and simple to install


MagnaPro 1000 Vortex systems comply with:

  • BS EN 12050-1:2015 Wastewater lifting plants for buildings and sites. Lifting plants for wastewater containing faecal matter.
  • BS EN 12050-2:2015 Wastewater lifting plants for buildings and sites. Lifting plants for faecal‑free wastewater.

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