DW VOX 150 (manual, 240 V, 10 m cable)

Product Code: 11049

£1,405.00 ex VAT


The DW150 VOX submersible pump is suitable for light screened sewage and dirty water. The pump is manufactured entirely from a single sheet of 304 stainless steel. Comprising of a vortex impellor and incorporating a double mechanical seal. The volute of the DW150 VOX is made as an integral part of the pump casing using patented pressing technology. Can be supplied free standing, or pedestal mounted for permanent installations.

Key features:

• Pump and discharge casings in GRP. Casing cover and impellor in noryl. Motor housing and shaft in nickel steel. Float switch in polypropylene.
• Vortex hydraulics for blockage free pumping in critical applications.
• Available with float locking disk for manual level control.
• Single Phase (240V) only.
• Internal thermal protection.
• Suitable for ground, surface, storm and grey water applications.

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