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We are providing comprehensive 24/7 support for the clean water and waste water systems of a 19-storey student accommodation / co-living apartment block in North London.

In recent months, we have responded to several out-of-hours emergencies.

Throughout, we worked closely with the building’s in-house maintenance team and company management. This has led to development of a strong partnership built on trust.


We have provided comprehensive support for the foul water systems for many years, including planned preventative maintenance visits and reactive callouts.

Recently, our customer began experiencing issues with the clean water systems that their in-house maintenance team was not able to address. They asked us to investigate and solve these problems.

Previously there had been no consistent planned preventative maintenance schedule for the clean water systems and repairs had been jury-rigged.

One issue was flooding in the plant rooms due to leaking valves on the cold-water storage tank.

Another example of the problems we addressed was faulty non-return valves, which resulted in air-locking. This prevented cold water distribution above floor 2 of the 19-storey building. We worked around the clock to resolve this. Without our efforts, the building would have been temporarily closed and its residents re-housed at great cost the customer.

Whilst already on site repairing the clean water system, both pumps in the foul water pumping station tripped. We found that both pumps were heavily ragged. We swiftly unclogged the pumps and restored them to duty.

We provide genuine 24/7/365 support.

Our aftersales team is always contactable via email, telephone and WhatsApp, providing advice, reassurance and a rapid reaction when required.

Due to the number of highly trained engineers we can deploy, we are able to dedicate teams to a site over several days. We can also provide continuity by assigning engineers who are familiar with the systems, are aware of the problems that have occurred, and have worked with the in-house maintenance teams before.


Through our consistently high level of round-the-clock support, we have become a trusted service provider to our customer. We have consistently delivered a rapid response and quick solutions that have given the onsite team confidence that their residents will be unaffected by any issues.

Leaking valve

Flooded plantroom

Heavily ragged pump



Our comprehensive 24/7 servicing and emergency response capabilities backed by in house expertise mean that we can tailor Service Level Agreements to all site and client requirements. In so doing we can provide both peace of mind and cost savings for our customers. Contact us to discuss your service requirements today.

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