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Rapid response averts a serious incident

Third party service provider



Project Type

Emergency callout

Products Used


Onsite Duration

4 days


West London


Our customer, a third-party service provider, requested a late-night emergency visit to a foul water pumping station in Hayes, West London. With both pumps inoperative and the chamber full, our pump engineer and Edincare Drains worked together through the night to ensure the chamber would not flood or back-up. Over subsequent days we repaired the system whilst Edincare Drains provided tankering support.


The pumping station accepts effluent from a large residential block of 900 dwellings and several retail units and is situated in a pedestrian area at ground level.

Our pump engineer arrived on site at 22:00 and was met by representatives of our service partner and their client. He found that the waste level in the chamber was very high, and with a heavy build-up of wipes and fatty deposits. The control panel indicated that one pump was tripped and the other was running but not discharging.

The chamber was so full the engineer was unable to lift the pumps. An Edincare Drains tanker was called to pump the waste to the main sewer so that work could begin.

The pump station had not been serviced in the 12 years since installation and was in very poor condition.

The pumps were difficult to raise due to corrosion of the guide rails and guide rails brackets. Both pumps were lifted and found to be blocked by rag. The blockages were removed, and the pumps were cleaned, inspected and tested. Both pumps continued to trip and blow fuses.

The system required a full refurbishment was required, which would need to include new pumps, non-return valves, guide rails and control panel. This would take time.

In the short term, it was imperative we returned the system to service to prevent severe disruption to residents and local businesses.

With both pumps beyond repair, the quickest solution was to find pumps of the same model. This proved to be challenging as there was only one such pump in the country. Thankfully, we were able to track down and secure this through our extensive supply chain network.

In the meantime, daily tankering visits prevented a flood or a backing up of the building’s waste system. At each visit 42,000 gallons of effluent were removed and pumped directly into the local sewer system. The site is adjacent to a busy train station and care was taken to schedule the visits at quiet times to avoid disruption.

Two days after the initial call out, our pump engineers returned to install the replacement pump providing a short-term solution.

With service restored the next step is to fully refurbish the pumping station.


Our rapid response and excellent teamwork averted a very serious incident.

Edincare Drains’ 26-tonne combi-tanker again proved its mettle by ensuring the site could continue to operate without disruption to residents and local businesses.

Following the installation of the temporary single pump, the system is operational again.

We are quoting for a full refurbishment of the pumping station. Within our proposal we will include a planned preventative maintenance proposal.

Feedback from our service partner…

Good afternoon all,

I would just like to say a massive thank you to all involved this week. From the initial callout on Monday night, through to the installation of the temporary single pump yesterday, everyone’s hard work, dedication, and most of all the great teamwork between our two companies has not gone unnoticed. I am very proud and grateful to the fantastic people and teams around us working with such clients.

Apologies if I have missed anyone out from Edincare, however please forward my comments on to all involved.

Thank you all once again and here’s to a bright future.

The pumping station

Edincare Drains 26t combi-tanker

One of the inoperable pumps


The pumping station is in a public precinct



In accordance with BS EN 12056-4 and Edincare recommendations, the pump equipment serving multiple residency buildings must be maintained at intervals of twice per year.

This pumping station had not been serviced in 12 years since its installation.

Planned preventative maintenance of a pump station by a company with specialist experience will ensure a long service life and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

While able to keep pump stations free of debris and carry out basic maintenance, most drainage companies do not have the specialist knowledge of Edincare’s highly trained engineers. We have formed very successful partnerships to provide other companies with our expertise.

Call our Service Team on 01442 211554 to discuss partnering with Edincare.