Contemporary Apartment Building

Ground Worker



Project Type

Commissioning and Remote Monitoring

Products Used

MagnaPro, MagnaGrand, Aqua365

Onsite Duration

2 days




Two pumping stations were required to be installed to pump foul and surface water separately from a new development to high level. The foul water pumping station required a large 24- hour storage volume therefore a MagnaGrand Lateral was specified. The surface water pumping station was smaller, therefore one of our larger chambers from our MagnaPro range was specified. Our Aqua365 was also ordered to enable remote monitoring of the pumping stations.


• The pumping chambers were specified from the drawings provided.
• They were delivered to site and installed by the customer.
• We spent two days on site installing and comissioning the pump stations when the customer has permanent power on.
• Aqua365 monitors were installed to so that the contractor could monitor the pumping stations during their defects period.


• The customer had two fully operational pumping stations after commissioning.
• Commissioning certificates were provided for the end clients peace of mind.
• The Aqua365 monitors can connect to the internet via data sim, LAN or WiFi. These pump stations are above ground and data sim was chosen.
• The Aqua365 will notify the customer via email of the following problems: Pump 1 Tripped, Pump 2 Tripped, High Level Alarm.




The Aqua365 Range has been designed to put you in control of your pump system.

You are able to connect the Aqua365 Monitor to almost all Edincare control panels. Using the Aqua365 Online Portal, you can view the current condition of your pump system real time from any online device. Whether you are at home or away, you and your keyholders will receive alerts via email and/or SMS if a fault condition occurs, so that you can manage the condition immediately. The Aqua365 Monitor stays connected via Wi-Fi, LAN or GPRS ensuring a reliable signal is maintained.


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