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The rapid growth of the basement market in recent years has seen a rise in the requirement for pumping equipment of many types and sizes. The pump sector can be a crowded place, and with many variations of similar equipment available the end user can often be confused when selecting the correct product to use. Edincare Pumps adheres to all current standards in providing guidance on the ideal pump setup for your basement. Your pump is often the last line of defence against a flood, so selecting and maintaining the correct equipment is of paramount importance.

Foul Waste

A basement is often an ideal place for a laundry, utility room or additional bathroom. Waste water from such areas often needs to be pumped to mains drainage at a higher level. Our MagnaPro 200 system is ideal for such requirements. The compact chamber keeps installation costs low and the reliable 2” grinder pump provides trouble free disposal of sewage. For added peace of mind a pair of twin pumps can be fitted in a larger chamber, such as the MagnaPro 360 Twin. This added benefit provides protection in the case of a pump failure and increased life span of the motors due to alternating duty.

Surface Water

Sunken patios and light wells are usually part of a basement design, as well as being an attractive addition to your property. These low-lying areas will often be open to the elements and need a pump to lift any surface water to a higher level. The SumpFlush range is typically specified for these types of areas and twin pumps are always recommended – should a pump fail in a storm the backup motor could save you from a costly flood. For larger surface areas we can also provide larger chambers offering greater storage capacities. The MagnaPro range offers storage up to 2000 litres in off the shelf products and up to 14,000 litres in bespoke chamber built to order from stock.

Ground Water

To manage the ingress of ground water into a basement application, in conjunction with a cavity  membrane system our SumpFlush is used. The pumps housed inside the chamber are built from plastic preventing the risk of impellors seizing after long periods of inactivity. This is particularly important in summer months where many water tables naturally drop and pumps may not activate for many months. In well insulated basements the pump may activate extremely infrequently, while others may experience a near constant flow of ground water. For these reasons pump reliability is at the forefront of Edincare Pumps concerns when it comes to ground water pumps.

Battery Backup

All our pumps require an electrical connection to work. If mains power fails, the client can often be nervously waiting for it to restore while their pumps fill with water. Edincare Pumps range of battery backup systems mitigate this issue. For smaller pumping stations our UPS750 and 3000 can offer up to 45 minutes of run time during a total power cut. For larger systems our PowerSafe range can be used to provide as much as four hours of uninterrupted running.

Alarms and Alerts

All Edincare pumps can be fitted with remote alarms to warn of faults with the system. These typically take the form of our AquaSafe alarm panel. These devices alert the client to a high water level in the chamber, typically a sign that the pump has failed. They also include a service due alert ensuring the end user can keep their equipment well maintained and functional. For those that are not always at home to monitor alerts on their alarm panel Edincare offer the Aqua365 range of telemetric alert systems. Using the specially developed online portal the end user can monitor their pumps from anywhere. Coupled with Edincare’s 24-hour service department we offer our clients complete peace of mind that any pump issues that do occur are notified and managed in a timely manner.

We are confident that we will have the ideal system for your basement in our comprehensive range, whatever your requirements. For further details, selections or technical advice please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01442 211 554.