WaterGuard (Eco) 10000

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  • Application: Residential, PS, Commercial, Hospitality & Retail
  • Max Vertical: 40m
  • Max Flow Rate: 0.85 l/sec
  • Discharge Size: 25mm OD
  • Number of Pumps: 1


The WaterGuard ‘Eco’ 10000 is a fully automatic rainwater harvesting system used for the collection and supply of rainwater within both domestic and commercial applications.

It is designed to accept rainwater from downpipes, which is then filtered into a collection tank ready to be used within buildings to serve all non-potable water appliances (WC, washing machine) and outdoor tap via a submersible pump within the holding tank.

The system consists of a polypropylene tank with locking access cover, connections for all connecting pipework, submersible pump, internal filters, sensors and control module. Mains water top up facilities are provided as standard.

This system not only offers you unregulated use of your outdoor tap but also saves you money through reduced mains water consumption by supplying water to all non-potable appliances.

10000 litres storage capacity.

Key Features:

• Easy to assemble and install tank
• 10000 litre storage capacity
• Offers unregulated use of garden tap as well as serving WCs and Washing Machines
• Mains water top up to ensure water is always available
• Direct/Gravity options available
• Overflow to storm drain or overflow
• Must be no closer than 5M from the face of the building
• Environmentally Friendly

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