Product Code: 2211

£975.00 ex VAT

  • Application: Residential, PS, Commercial, Hospitality & Retail
  • Max Vertical: 6.8m
  • Max Flow Rate: 2.9 l/sec
  • Discharge Size: 1 1/4"
  • Number of Pumps: 2


The SumpFlushTwin is a fully automatic waste water pumping system suitable for pumping surface and/or ground water to a higher level when gravity drainage is not possible and/or economical to install.

The system is suitable for installing either at the initial building stage or retro fitting to existing buildings and can accept waste from car parks, car washes, floor areas, down pipes, cavity membrane systems or similar.

The system consists of a polyethylene tank with twin automatic waste water submersible pumps. It can accept surface and/or ground water through the grille located on the top of the unit or through two 110mm inlets located to the side (side inlets to be specified at time of order, grille cover is an additional option).

The SumpFlushTwin is easy to install due to the small chamber, small bore discharge pipe work, and variable inlet locations.

Key Features:

• Twin pumps for backup against breakdown
• Compact chamber for installation in small areas
• Reliable ‘OpenFlow’ waste water pump/s
• Supplied with a solid or grill cover
• Battery back up options available on request

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