ProTrap Auto 1000-PF

Product Code: 5030

£3,945.00 ex VAT


The ProTrap Auto 1000-PF is a fully automatic grease separation and solids removal system suitable for the collection, separation and removal of food waste and fat, oil and grease (FOG) from grey water before the final discharge.

The system is suitable for preparation sinks, small pot wash sinks and small combi-ovens up to a total flow rate of 1.0 l/s.

It includes a pre-filter with a non-restricted vortex control device to remove solid waste before it enters the unit.

Protect the environment and prevent recurring drain blockages caused by FOG. Comply with local water authority and landlord requirements.

The ProTrap Auto is very easy and quick to maintain. Kitchen staff do not need to access the internals of the machine.

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