Dosing Pump (Mains Operated)

Product Code: 11000

£445.00 ex VAT


The BioDose Dosing Pump (Mains Operated) is a simple, easy and intuitive dosing device to be installed in kitchens for the removal of fats in drain pipes, grease separator systems or other places where dosing at certain intervals of the day is required.

Its peristaltic dosing pump measures and delivers a pre-programmed quantity of BioFax grease digesting enzyme into the drain or grease trap, breaking up the fats and oils that cause blockages, overflows and unpleasant odours and allowing them to be washed away.


  • Delivery of a BioFax Enzyme at predetermined timed intervals
  • Intermittent dosage at maximum speed
  • Maximum 1 feed per hour
  • Programmable initial delay time, interval between dosages and dosing time
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low maintenance, robust design
  • Programming password protection
  • Dust-tight IP65 enclosure protects against water jets
  • Digital interface with 4 digits 7 segments display and 2 keys
  • Includes wall mount bracket and fixing screws

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