Product Code: 2044

£2,925.00 ex VAT

  • Application: Residential, PS, Commercial, Hospitality & Retail
  • Max Vertical: 7m
  • Max Flow Rate: 1.7 l/sec
  • Discharge Size: 1½" BSP
  • Number of Pumps: 2


The AutoFlushSSCSLTwin fully automatic pumping station is suitable for pumping chemically infected grey water to a higher level when gravity drainage is not possible and/or economical to install. The system is supplied in a polished stainless steel chamber offering easy maintenance and an attractive finish.

The steel chamber ideal is ideal for accepting waste from laboratories, photo developing stations, process wastes or similar. Utilising Edincare’s ‘OpenFlow’ impellor technology the pump discharges through small bore pipe work for installation through busy service voids and roof spaces.

The system consists of a sealed stainless steel chamber, internal pipe work and fittings, automatic ‘OpenFlow’ chemically resistant submersible pumps and threaded outlet connection.

The AutoFlushSSCSLTwin is supplied with fixed connections – contact our sales team for a technical drawing.

Key Features:

• Chemically resistant pump with seals designed to withstand immersion in aggressive chemicals
• High grade stainless steel chamber offers attractive finish and easy maintenance
• Edincare ‘OpenFlow’ technology offers pumping of waste water through small bore pipes
• A range of control panels, alarms and remote alerts are available offering peace of mind to the end user

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