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Grease Trap in Tesco Superstore, London

Supermarket retailer



Project Type

Supply, install and commission

Products Used

AutoFlushSSTwin & ProTrapAuto

Onsite Duration

1 day




A grease trap and pumping station was required for a rotisserie oven and kitchen facilities at a large supermarket in London. The grease trap would be required to effectively remove large volumes of grease with a low flow of water. The system would need to be simple to maintain by kitchen staff.


• A ProTrapAuto grease trap and AutoFlushSSTwin waste water pumping system where installed within the kitchen.
• The ProTrapAuto effectively removes grease and food particles into separate collection containers for easy disposal by kitchen staff.
• After removal of the grease and food particles, waste water from the grease trap discharges into the AutoFlushSSTwin for pumping into a soil pipe in the ceiling.


• The fully-automatic ProTrapAuto removes fat, oil and grease before they solidify and de-waters solid food waste, each into separate containers for appropriate disposal by kitchen staff. This greatly simplifies maintenance compared to static grease traps which require regular emptying and cleaning.
• Constructed from high-grade stainless steel both units are robust, easy to clean and hygienic making them ideally suited to busy kitchen environments.






Grease traps solidify and capture fat, oil and grease (FOG) from waste water before sewer discharge.

Static traps are simple chambers which require regular opening for manual removal of waste and cleaning. This can be time-consuming and unhygienic.

Automatic grease traps are self-cleaning systems that actively collect and separate FOG before pumping the waste water away making maintenance simple, quick and hygienic for busy kitchen staff.

The ProTrapAuto is an exceptional automatic grease trap with a versatility that makes it the ideal choice for any food preparation environment.