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South Hampstead High School Refurbishment

Secondary school


Public Sector

Project Type

Survey, refurbishment, supply and installation

Products Used

Submersible foul water pump, AutoFlush SS and ProTrap Auto

Onsite Duration

5 days




An existing below-ground foul water pumping station required refurbishment due to age.

Within the kitchen area an under-sink pumping station needed replacing due to pump failure. To extend the life on the new pumping station and prevent future breakdowns a grease separator was deemed necessary to remove food debris and grease upstream of all pumps.


• A full site survey was carried out to assess what work would be required and ensure correct specification of replacement equipment.
• The below-ground foulwater pumping station was fully refurbished and a new submersible foul water pump was installed.
• The kitchen pumping station was replaced with a new stainless steel AutoFlush SS. This was fed via a newly installed ProTrap Auto fully automatic grease separator.
• Following installation the systems were commissioned and tested prior to handover.


•  The ProTrap Auto will remove grease and kitchen waste before it reaches the AutoFlush SS to help prevent pump failure.
•  The risk of foul odours was reduced.
•  The site will require less frequent of vehicle tanker visits to remove grease from the underground chamber.






Fat, oil and grease can solidify in pumping stations and pipework. This can restrict flow to and from pumps which increases load shortening the lifetime of the pumps or in severe cases, clogging the pumps leading to breakdowns.

A grease separator installed upstream of a pumping station will remove grease and food debris mitigating their build up and extending the lifetime of your equipment.

An additional benefit is cleaner effluent which reduces the risk of odours.