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Residential Apartments – Colindale

Large Midlands-based design, build and installation company



Project Type

Supply and commissioning of a twin dry well mounted pump set

Products Used

MagnaGrand (Dry Well)

Onsite Duration

9 days




A rainwater attenuation pump set was required for a new residential development of 100 units, with a controlled flow restriction as designated by the local water authority. Stainless steel frames were required to fix the pumps and valves in place, and to support the pipework and fittings which would connect to the pre-existing concrete tanks.


Following a full site survey by an Edincare project coordinator and consultation with the client and local water authority, hard-wearing dual pumps were specified which would be reliable and long-lasting.

Pipework and cable were routed and installed. Controls were provided to draw water evenly from the attenuation tanks. A series of gate valves were installed for further flow control and to simplify maintenance. Flow meters were fitted to constantly monitor flow.

All aspects of the installation work was carried out by a single multiskilled Edincare team with confined space safety training.


The system is very user-friendly. The dry well mounting and gate valves ensure easy servicing and a high degree of control, and the flow meters allow easy monitoring. Hard wearing dual pumps ensure increased reliability and longevity.







In dry well pumping stations, the pumps and many of the other components are located externally to the sump.
They contrast with packaged pumping stations which use submersible pumps.

They suit projects where regular and convenient access to the pumps and equipment is required. As fewer parts are installed in the tank, servicing is quicker and a two-person confined entry team is not required as often.

While not as compact as a packaged pumping station, where space allows, they are very convenient.