Pumping Main – London

Main contractor



Project Type


Products Used

Electrofusion pipework and fittings

Onsite Duration

1 week




After supplying 18 pumping stations to a new residential development in London, we were asked to specify and install the pumped discharge mains from the chambers. The discharge pipes needed to run from the chambers below the concrete slab to high level within the basement before discharge into the final outfall.


• We specified suitable diameter and pressure rated medium density polyethylene pipework and electrofusion fittings.
• We helped the client connect the system to the sewer.
• We attended site during a number of different phases of the construction and concrete pours to install pipework as required.


• Our well stocked warehouse allows a quick deployment to site to prevent delaying the scheduled concrete pouring.
• Electrofusion connections are much stronger than compression or solvent weld connections because they melt both the pipe and fitting together.
• We will continue working with the contractor throughout this project, commissioning the 18 pumping stations and offering a service agreement for the duration of their defects period.






Electrofusion is a method of precisely joining medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes using built-in low voltage heating elements within the fitting to weld the joint. The inner surface of the fitting and the outer surface of the pipe melt, which cools to produce a very homogenous, reliable and long-lasting joint. Installation is simple and computer control ensures consistent quality. Pipes joined by electrofusion fittings are suitable for all applications from potable water to waste water.