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Old Accountancy Building Developed into Modern Office Space

Main Contractor



Project Type


Products Used


Onsite Duration

6 days




We were asked to design, specify, install and commission two pump stations to remove foul and surface water from pre-cast concrete chambers in the basement of an old accountancy building which was being developed into modern office space. Each pump station would be remotely monitored by a telemetric system within the control panel.


• The main contractor constructed the chambers using stacked pre-cast concrete rings. A standard biscuit with a standard access cover dimensions was installed to seal the chambers.
• Our confined space entry trained engineers installed the pumps, pedestals, pipework, bracing and floats.
• The control panels were installed in a nearby above ground location.


• It can be more cost effective to install a set of pre-cast concrete rings to form a chamber rather than purchasing a packaged pumping station. The costs of installing pumps within needs to be taken into consideration.
• Concrete chambers must be waterproofed to prevent water leaching into the surrounding soil.
• With installation completed, we can offer ongoing servicing to maintain the pump sets via an Edincare Service Agreement.
• Routine maintenance will lower the lifetime cost of the pump sets and prevent breakdowns.





The Aqua365 Monitor has been designed to put you in control of your pump system.

Using our Aqua365 online portal you can view the current condition of your pump system real time from any online device. Whether you are at home or away, you and your keyholders will receive alerts
via email and SMS if a fault condition occurs, so that you can manage the condition immediately.

Aqua365 is also ideal for an Estate Company or Management Company who may need to monitor a several
installations at different locations.