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Food Retailer Retrofit – Bristol

Sandwich shop chain



Project Type

Specify, supply, install and commission

Products Used

ProTrap Auto

Onsite Duration

1 day




We were asked to retrofit a grease trap into an existing commercial kitchen. Due to the existing pipework being at a low level, we needed to re-plumb the entire front of house through to the grease trap. To avoid kitchen closure, we were asked to complete the installation within a specific time slot.


• An out of hours site survey was completed to ensure installation would go seamlessly.
• Specified an active grease trap, rather than a static grease trap to increase the level of FOG removal.
• Installation overnight was completed so that the business was unaffected.


• An active grease trap can be emptied and maintained daily by kitchen staff.
• A correctly maintained active grease trap mitigates nuisance odours.
• Due to the low flow rate we were able to install the smallest in our range of automatic grease traps.
• All of the partially blocked aged pipework between the sinks and the grease trap, were replaced.
• The business now fully complies with the shopping centre’s FOG discharge requirements.
• Quarterly maintenance visits will be carried out by our engineers to reduce the risk of failure.






ProTrap Auto is an automatic mechanical grease trap which takes advantage of waste thermal energy present in effluent to remove emulsified FOGs (fat oil and grease), particularly saturated animal fats before, they solidify.

ProTrap Auto removes and dewaters organic solid matter from the effluent, using a pre‑filter and optional internal automatic solids removal / transfer system. This mitigates nuisance odours by preventing its microbial breakdown.

The discharge from the Protrap Auto has reduced BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand), FOG and TSS (total suspended solids). This greatly aids compliance with commercial landlord’s discharge requirements.