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A silver lining

Home owner



Project Type

Emergency call-out

Products Used

Aqua365 Monitor

Onsite Duration

2 hours


West London

Hi Andrew,

I just wanted to pass on our thanks for the speed and efficiency with which your team helped to sort out the issues with the tanks on our property, as a result of the heavy deluge.

I think they saved us from flooding.

We are not in the country and we really couldn’t have had better support from Edincare. Julian, the guy on site, was excellent. He quickly looped in with our engineer and with me and stayed until he felt things were secure.

We are with friends who had an actual flood in their house and their pump maintenance company has still not picked up the phone.

I just wanted to pass on the positive feedback as it really was incredible service today.

Appreciate it.

Kind regards,
Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx

Torrential downpours and flash floods brought misery to many in London this month, when their homes and businesses were flooded as sewers and pumping stations were overwhelmed. Good news stories were few and far between. Here’s one.

A customer living in Hampstead has two Edincare pumping stations at ground level in the driveway of their house. We supplied these to pump foul and ground water to the main sewer because the property’s drainage system had been badly installed, and the property had repeatedly flooded.

The driveway slopes down significantly from the road towards the property.

Our customer had an Edincare Service Agreement, and both pumping stations were fully operational and well maintained.

Additionally, and very fortunately, the pumping stations were also supplied with an Edincare Aqua365 Monitor. The Aqua365 enables keyholders to monitor the status of their pumping stations in real time from anywhere in the world via an online portal. It also sends alerts via SMS and email if a fault is detected, such as a high level condition or pump failure.

When the rain fell, the local sewers were quickly surcharged and storm water started pouring from the manholes in the road down the driveway towards the house. The pumping stations operated but they quickly began to fill, due to the sheer volume of water inflowing and they were discharging into an already surcharged sewer.

Our customer was holidaying abroad. Nevertheless, they received an alert from the Aqua365 via SMS and called our helpline. We had also received the same notification and had begun to allocate an engineer team.

The engineers attended in under an hour to find both pumping stations were active and trying to discharge into the surcharged sewer.

They immediately set up two temporary over pumps to assist. These pumps run on 110V supplied by a transformer to be safer to use in flood conditions. In combination with the installed pumps, these were able to keep the water from reaching the house.

Eventually the rains abated, along with the flow of storm water from the road. Once the levels in the chamber had been lowered and the local network cleared we removed the over pumps. The engineers left the site once the pumping stations were controlling in the inflow in Auto mode.

Throughout this process our engineers were in direct contact with the customer to provide updates and reassurance.

Afterwards, we provided a report along with photographs and a recommendation to raise the top of their driveway so that storm water from the road could not enter the driveway.

The house had been completely protected from what would have been an expensive and damaging flood for three reasons.

Firstly, since our customer was covered by an Edincare Service Agreement, both pumping stations were well maintained and fully operational. If either pumping station had failed, or were not performing optimally, the property would have flooded before our engineer could attend.

Secondly, the early warning provided by the Edincare Aqua365 Monitor was critical in alerting us as soon as the problem developed. Our customer also received immediate notification, even though they were overseas at the time. This enabled us to respond immediately. With the levels in the chambers rising steadily, any delay at this stage would have been disastrous, proving the worth of real time remote monitoring.

Thirdly, we were able to offer a very high level of support to our Edincare Service Agreement customers during this unprecedented weather event. We had the strength in depth to allocate resources to this property during a night when we received a record number of calls. Our well-equipped and highly trained engineer attended promptly, immediately assessed the situation and rapidly deployed the over pumps, which protected the property until the threat had passed.

The above testimonial speaks for itself.

The flooded street.

The top of the driveway on arrival.

The driveway showing the slope towards the house.

The control panel showing a high level condition despite both pumps running.
Aqua365 Monitor Pro


The Aqua365 Monitor

The Aqua365 Range has been designed to put you in control of your pump system.

You can connect the Aqua365 Monitor to almost all Edincare control panels, and they can be retrofitted to existing installations.

Using the Aqua365 Online Portal, you can view the current condition of your pump system in real time from any online device. Whether you are at home or away, you and your keyholders will receive alerts via email and/or SMS if a fault condition occurs, so that you can manage the condition immediately.

The Aqua365 Monitor stays connected via Wi-Fi, LAN or GPRS ensuring a reliable signal is maintained.

Aqua365 is also ideal for an Estate Company or Management Company who may need to monitor a several installations at different locations.