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Fat, oil and grease removal

Restaurant group


Hospitality & Retail

Project Type

Site survey

Products Used

Protrap Auto 1850, Passive Grease Trap

Onsite Duration

1 day




We were asked to conduct a comprehensive survey of all front of house and kitchen fat, oil and grease (FOG) removal systems across the client’s entire portfolio. This included the quality of the installation, as well as the current condition of all equipment. Additionally, we reviewed the properties’ overall drainage requirements to identify where other potential problems could lie.


• We surveyed all of the restaurants in close collaboration with each store manager to learn their current maintenance routine.
• Every FOG removal unit, whether active or passive, was reviewed.
• All floor mounted pumping stations were reviewed to ensure that the pumps were adequate to take the flow from both the kitchens and toilets.
• We analysed the volumes of waste produced and the sinks used for various to identify possible points of FOG build up.


• It was evident that the company providing PPM and emergency breakdown cover was not replacing grease enzyme, and that equipment was not being cleaned properly by staff.
• Equipment in new stores was installed incorrectly.
• A comprehensive report was produced for each site.
• Deep cleans of all FOG removal units was made to return them to full efficiency.
• We removed all defunct dosing units, replacing them in better positions to support grease removal units and pump stations.
• We proposed an all inclusive maintenance programme along with a scheme of reactive works which covered all stores.
• We installed new FOG removal units, pumps and dosing units where necessary.
• All surveys were undertaken free of charge without obligation.
• We also gave free recommendations for layout changes to a new store’s kitchen, including positioning of a grease trap, as it had been experiencing problems. These were passed to the contractor who rectified all issues.




We pride ourselves in providing our clients exceptional expertise and levels of service. They place their trust in us, secure in the knowledge that we will deliver cost effective solutions to protect their businesses and homes. It’s the foundation on which our many long standing client relationships are built.