Commercial Building – London

Police force



Project Type

Specify, supply and commission

Products Used

MagnaPro SS & MagnaPro IP

Onsite Duration

10 days




We were asked to design, install and commission three stainless steel floor mounted pumping stations and two underground pump sets. The pump sets were to be installed within pre-existing concrete sumps. We would have to carry out all work in a confined basement space.


• Three MagnaPro SS floor mounted pumping stations were specified and installed.
• Two MagnaPro IP pumpsets were installed into prepared concrete sumps.
• All connections to inlet and discharge pipework were made to our pumping stations.
• The client supplied the inlet and discharge pipework within 1m of our pumping station for us to connect and commission.


• One piece stainless steel tanks are much more robust that GRP chambers, and can be carefully designed to fit on site.
• Quick and easy installation compared with sectional tanks which have to be built on site.
• Installing pumps directly into pre-cast concrete chambers avoids the need for a packaged pumping station.
• Regular maintenance of these units is essential especially when in the public domain.
• The high level alarm and BMS connection will prevent flooding and allow facilities management to take action quickly.
• A service agreement has been created and sent to the end client.







Ultrasonic sensors are a reliable and versatile alternative to floats and probes.

The water level for stop, start, assist and high level are programmed into the ultrasonic controller.

This method of level control is contactless so it is not affected by the condition of the pump station.

Float switches can be snagged on floating debris and fat which can create a crust on top of the water in a foul water chamber.

Probes type level control can be affected by condensation.