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Call out to a drainage emergency

Third party service provider



Project Type

Blocked pumps and drainage network

Products Used


Onsite Duration

2 days




Edincare engineers were called to a housing estate by its managing agent. A confined space entry was required to remove pumps that were stuck at the bottom of the chamber. The site’s contracted drainage service provider could not attend due to the Covid-19 lockdown. We were told that the pump station had been tankered and all blockages had been removed in advance.

On arrival we discovered that the chamber was full and the pumps were not discharging. Anxious residents informed us that water had been backing up into their properties for four days.


  • Our engineers remained on site and called in an Edincare tanker to clear blockages and relieve the pressure on the domestic systems. The tanker arrived within 90 minutes. The pumps were switched off to avoid burn out.
  • Our engineers maintained communication with the managing agent and residents to explain the situation and alleviate panic.
  • 2000 gallons were removed from the pumping station but could not resolve the issue. Another two 4000-gallon tankers were called in to remove more waste and to jet the system. These arrived in under 4 hours. Meanwhile a CCTV survey was conducted to look for blockages.
  • The tankers removed a total of 12,000 gallons from both the pump chamber and the gravity discharge chamber which drained into it.
  • The emptied chambers where washed down and debris was removed.
  • Both pumps were lifted and a blockage from one of them was removed.
  • A further CCTV survey confirmed that the pipe between chambers was clear.
  • Internal inspection of the pump chamber showed that the non-return valves were seized in the closed position. This was remedied, but the system was still not discharging.
  • We jetted the discharge pipework between the pumping station and the terminal manhole and could confirm that the pumps would now discharge into the sewer.


  • We recommended upgrading the pumps to cope with the high flow rates, along with a full refurbishment of the pump station to include pipework, non‑return valves and adaptors.
  • We also recommended quarterly servicing to ensure reliable operation in the future.



This call out demonstrates that Edincare has the breadth of capabilities to solve any drainage problem. We are a true one‑stop solution provider.

Our service department stands ready 24/7. Contact us for all your pumped drainage service requirements.