Adoptable Pump Station – Reading

Retail unit developer



Project Type

Specify, supply, install and commission

Products Used

MagnaGrand IP Adoptable

Onsite Duration

8 days




We were asked to specify an adoptable pumping station with a peak flow rate of 5.2l/s to be installed into a concrete chamber. The pumping station needed to be suitable for adoption by Thames Water. On approval of the design, we were to carry out a full installation and commissioning.


• Installed twin guide rail mounted pumps with an 80mm solids clearance into a concrete chamber 3m diameter x 3.5m deep.
• Valves were installed into a separate valve chamber as per adoptable standards.
• 90mm HDPE rising main connection was installed.
• A control kiosk was used which fully conforms with Thames Water adoptable specifications.


• Pumps have an 80mm clear passage through the body of the pump, reducing the chances of blockages.
• The duty / standby setup means each pump can achieve the required flow rate in the event of one pump failing.
• The pump station should be serviced a minimum of twice a year, ideally four times a year, to ensure continued reliability and performance.
• The comprehensive control panel enables BMS monitoring with a telemetric capability for offsite monitoring. It also features a generator connection in case of a long term power outage.






An Adoptable Pump Station is designed to meet both the Adopting Water Authorities Standards and the Sewers for Adoption requirements.

Typically this includes the following;

• Standard layout
• A concrete or prefabricated chamber
• A separate valve chamber
• Off site monitoring
• Approved pump selection