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Fatbergs certainly grab the headlines. Described as smelling something like a composting festival toilet and rotting meat, they are often compared in weight to elephants, whales, and small buildings. We are collectively responsible for their build up and the cost of removing them falls to us all through our water bills.

But fat, oil and grease (FOG) discharge into the wastewater system more often creates smaller, more local problems which are much easier to trace to their source.

Blocked pipes and gullies, flooding and bad odours can be an expensive headache for those responsible, and for their neighbours.

Thames Water, along with other water authorities, impose strict limits on the amount of FOG that can be discharged into the main sewer system.

In turn, most commercial landlords require tenants to install drainage protection through FOG and food waste removal systems. They are also increasingly appointing external auditors to survey their tenants’ FOG management.

Under this scrutiny, more restaurants, pubs and take-aways are being found out and prosecuted under the Water Industry Act.

Are you concerned about the amount of FOG and food waste you may be discharging from your premises? We offer free, no obligation site surveys to help you find the best solution for your business.

We provide a comprehensive range of FOG removal equipment and wastewater pumping systems to suit any kitchen.

We also offer scheduled servicing visits by specialist engineers, reactive callouts, and tankering and jetting.

We proudly count some of the UK’s best-known fast-food brands among our customers, along with hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, and pubs.

“Edincare provides a first-class service, quick response and always looks to provide a first-time solution to ensure our business is operational as quickly as possible. They go over and above to ensure the job is finished, with their expertise in pump and drainage solutions from FOG management to wastewater. It gives me peace of mind to know that Edincare will always have someone on the end of the phone whatever time of day.”

Artur Sochacki, Facilities Manager, Chipotle