Not long before lockdown started, we welcomed a new, but highly experienced, engineer Conor to our team. Many of our customers have met him already, but here’s a little more about him.
Welcome Conor. Tell us, why did you join Edincare’s engineering team?
Thank you. I joined Edincare Pumps as I wanted to work for a larger business, where I could progress up the career ladder and make my mark within the company.
And what did you do before?
I worked for a smaller business which specialised in industrial sized pumping stations, cold water booster sets and recirculation pumps. I worked across all different sectors – hospitals to prisons, to barges and everything in between……as well as teaching people to drive military vehicles in my spare time!
Wow, we did not know that! You surprised us there. Have we done anything to surprise you since joining?

The most surprising and best thing about my experience so far, is how well organised the company is and how on top of things the Warehouse are. We have parts we need ready and waiting, instead of hunting around for them. It makes life 100 times easier, which is better for customers and it’s much less stressful for me as an engineer.

Great! What advice might you give to a budding engineer thinking of breaking into our industry?
My advice to anyone wanting to get into the pump industry, even if they have worked in mechanical or electrical engineering for years, or are starting out in their career, is go for it. When things get tricky, don’t panic, take a step back and breathe. Don’t be afraid to ask! There is no such thing as a stupid question.
Thanks so much Conor, it’s been great getting to know you more, and welcome to the Edincare team.
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