Samantha recently joined our Sales team and already we know she fits right in.

Why did you apply to join Edincare’s Sales team, Sam? My partner is a Senior Engineer at Edincare. He was talking about the company and what they do, it seemed interesting and something different for me to learn about.

What did you do before joining Edincare? I ran a pub for 5 years outside of Coventry and then went traveling around Australia and Singapore for 2 months just before joining Edincare. (Ed. We’re not jealous, at all!)

What has been the best part so far? The best part of my job so far is learning new systems and learning more about how to code on Excel.

What has surprised you the most? The fact that it’s very friendly and like one massive team which is something I haven’t really experienced in my previous non-pub jobs.

Do you have any advice or tips for other people thinking of applying for a role in Sales at Edincare or somewhere else? If you’re looking for a job where you can learn, grow and become a more confident person then Sales could be perfect for you.

Thanks Sam for sharing your story, and good luck in your new role.

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