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Steve, our Operations Manager, has recently completed a Confined Space Training course. He has shared with us his insights into the importance of being fully trained and qualified to work in these conditions.

What are the hazards of working in confined spaces?

As part of our site works, Edincare’s Engineers are often required to make an entry into a confined space. This requires specific training on the dangers and requirements of such work.

A confined space is any fully or partially enclosed area where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances, or changes to the space or nearby. These changes could include lack of oxygen, presence of noxious gases, drowning or asphyxiation in slow moving solids.

The importance of undertaking appropriate training.

As well as providing an understanding of the dangers involved when entering a confined space, Engineers are trained in the use of safety equipment and procedures.

All confined space entry requires a minimum of two operatives – one who makes the entry and one ‘Top Man’ (or woman!) who stays outside. Before any entry is made a gas monitor is placed in the space for a minimum of ten minutes to ensure there is sufficient oxygen and no other gases present. As the majority of our confined space work is in underground chambers, we use tripods and harnesses with fall arrest blocks and winches for emergency rescue.

Finally, all those entering the space are provided with ten minute escape sets – breathing apparatus that provides oxygen for ten minutes, should the gas monitor alert to the introduction of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide or sulphur dioxide.

All Edincare Engineers are fully confined space trained.

As part of our induction process, all Engineers receive full training, as do all management staff. Lifting and safety equipment is held on all vans and serviced regularly. This means when carrying out service and installation work, we are able to efficiently enter pumping stations ensuring safety for our staff and both confidence and convenience for our customers.

To contact us about your specific requirement, call our Sales Team on 01442 211554.

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