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When specifying pumps for foul water the first question we often ask our client is ‘is three phase power available?’ If we identify a lift or a swimming pool on the architect’s drawing, in most cases, the dwelling is large enough for a three phase electrical supply.

Therefore, if it is possible to specify three phase pumps, we will for the following reasons:

  • Three phase power delivery is constant. Single phase power pulsates.
  • Three phase pumps are self-starting and more efficient. There is no need for start or run capacitors.
  • Three phase pumps have a higher power, efficiency and torque.
  • Three phase pumps have lower running costs, which saves money in the long-term.

If we had to select the most important from the above list, the higher starting torque is critical. We’ll explain why.

If there is debris, a rag or other item which could cause a blockage, which causes the pump to stop, a three phase pump has a greater chance of pushing the item through on the next start. This is a better outcome than the impellor becoming stuck, thus tripping the breaker. If the pump is caused to trip, it will need to be removed from the wet well and the impellor freed. This creates a potential maintenance issue which we can avoid by specifying the correct solution at the start.

If you want to talk about this, or any other specific requirement you have, call our qualified and experienced Sales Team on 01442 211554.

Ama-Porter 601SE (Auto, 240v, 10m cable)