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We are pleased to introduce our new MagnaPro range of fully automatic packaged pumping stations, suitable for pumping ground, surface, storm and foul water to a higher level.

The new range has been engineered from the ground up incorporating a wide range of unique features ensuring the product adheres with all current design standard and beyond. The range allows bespoke selection of chamber size, pump type and controls to meet your specific site requirements.

  • Bespoke product selection
  • Depths from 1000mmm to 4000mm
  • Diameter from 650mm to 2400mm
  • Storage capacity from 156 to 15,383 litres (40 chambers)
  • Available from stock
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Competitive prices
  • Unrivalled quality

Features and benefits:

Valve Access

  • Isolation valve is accessible at cover level via the valve extension kit, preventing the need to access the chamber for valve isolation (to be specified at time of order).


  • Easy to install
  • Cable duct, vent duct, inlets and outlets
  • Single or dual outlets can be positioned to your requirements (subject to chamber diameter)


  • Accommodates benching in accordance with current design standards
  • Directs waste water towards the pump/s preventing dead zones
  • No flatter than 60°


  • The pedestal/s is assembled onto a base plate before being sited into the bottom of the chamber
  • Unique chamber base construction provides strength and versatility
  • Integral feet providing stability

Chamber Construction

  • Single piece chamber construction
  • Tank-grade polyethylene
  • Strengthening ribs throughout provide reinforcement and anchoring
  • FEA tested for hydrostatic pressure and lift loadings


  • Lifting eyes are incorporated within the top of the chambers for assisting with off-loading and positioning

Clear Opening

  • There are a variety of clear opening sizes for pump and man riding access (subject to chamber diameter).

Submersible Pumps

  • Edincare Pumps offer pumps from a range of manufacturers ensuring we will always be able to build a pumping station that suits the site’s requirements. Pumps are selected by impellor type, duty and power supply available, and we can also offer pumps for special requirements such as high temperature water or explosive environments.


  • We offer fully customisable controls allowing all manner of alerts to be transmitted locally, remotely via BMS or around the world with telemetric signals.


For more information on the MagnaPro range, or to receive a quotation for a particular project, please do not hesitate to contact Edincare Pumps on 01442 211554 or email sales@edincare.com.

Magnapro Packaged Pumping Station