ShowerFlush (R/H inlet)

Product Code: 2080

£595.00 ex VAT

  • Application: Residential, PS, Commercial, Hospitality & Retail
  • Max Vertical: 3m
  • Max Flow Rate: 0.26 l/sec
  • Discharge Size: 22mm
  • Number of Pumps: 1


The ShowerFlush is suitable for pumping shower water to a higher level when gravity drainage is not possible and/or economical to install.

This specialist pump is designed for installation where achieving a fall from the shower tray is not possible. The system draws water from the tray before pumping to waste pipes in a ceiling void or similar. This makes the ShowerFlush ideal for level access showers in bathrooms designed for the less able. The waterproof chamber can be installed inside a shower cubicle up to 1 metre above the trap.

The system consists of a sealed polyethylene chamber, internal pipe work and fittings, automatic diaphragm pump, inline flow switch and compression outlet connection.

Key Features:

• Inlet on the right hand side of the unit
• Designed to accept waste from level access shower tray traps
• Ideal for use in bathrooms designed for the less able
• Installation within the shower cubicle is possible due to the waterproof chamber
• Edincare ‘OpenFlow’ technology offers pumping of waste water through small bore pipes

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