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SumpFlush Twin c/w Timer Control Panel

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Price: £1,545.00 (£1,854.00 inc. VAT)
4-5 working days
12 months

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The SumpFlushPro Twin is a fully automatic waste water pumping system suitable for pumping surface and/or ground water to a higher level when gravity drainage is not possible and/or economical to install.
The system is suitable for installing either at the initial building stage or retro fitting to existing buildings and can accept waste from car parks, car washes, floor areas, down pipes, cavity membrane systems or similar.
The system consists of a polyethylene tank with twin automatic waste water submersible pumps. It can accept surface and/or ground water through the grille located on the top of the unit or through two 110mm inlets located to the side (side inlets to be specified at time of order).
Model Diameter Height
SumpFlush Pro Twin 600mm 600mm
 Model SumpFlush Pro
Power Supply 230V AC
Rated Current 3.6a
Motor Rating 700W
Frequency 50Hz
Revolutions per Minute 2800rpm
Max. Vertical Output 12m
Max. Horizontal Output 100m
Max Flow Rate 240 l/m
Max. Liquid Temperature <40°C
Discharge Size 32mm
Cable Length 3m
Weight 25kg
Colour White
Control Panel Dimensions
Model Length Width Height
SumpFlush Pro Twin 400mm 400mm 210mm
Installation Guidelines
These instructions are for guidance only. Please refer to the full Installation and Operating Guidelines when specifying / installing the product.
Siting The Product
The SumpFlush Pro Twin is designed for installation below ground so the ground conditions should be taken into account prior to locating the unit. Wherever possible roadway installations should be avoided, however if this is not possible any imposed loads should be also taken into account.
It is extremely important to site the SumpFlush Pro Twin with access in mind in the event of maintenance being required.
Inlet connections
The SumpFlush Pro Twin comes with either a heavy duty polypropylene grille, which acts as the inlet for surface water, or an access cover if a rainwater down pipe or gully drains into the unit. If a rainwater down pipe or gully is to drain into the unit then a 110mm rubber connector is located on the side of the tank to accept 110mm uPVC waste pipe. The 110mm waste pipe should be pushed into the rubber connector to form a watertight seal around the incoming waste pipe.
Discharge connection
The discharge line must be connected to the SumpFlush Pro Twin via the tank connector on the side of the unit. The tank connector will accept 1¼" PVC Class E pressure pipe. All joins in the discharge line must be made with solvent cement, under no circumstances should push fit or compression fittings be used.
The SumpFlush Pro Twin is designed to pump upwards on a gradient or for one vertical lift only; the vertical lift must be within 500mm of the unit.
IMPORTANT It is recommended that there are no bends in the vertical lift, however if this is unavoidable a minimum of slow radius bends may be used.
Electrical connection
A qualified person in accordance with the Institute Of Electrical Engineers Regulations should connect the unit to the appropriate mains supply taking into account all the electrical information provided.
IMPORTANT All pump systems must be used with an appropriate motor rated protection device.
The SumpFlush Pro Twin requires minimal maintenance. Basic common sense and good housekeeping will ensure the best results. It is recommended that the unit be inspected visually at least once a month by lifting the grille, with any debris (i.e. leaves, twigs, stones etc.) being removed. At least every six months it is advised to check the operation of the float switch and also clean the tank with a minimum of bleach or other domestic cleaning products.
NOTE It is recommended that a service agreement be taken out with a technically qualified company.
Health & safety
As with all site work, the danger of working with water and electricity can pose a severe threat to health if obvious and fundamental precautions are not taken. Therefore if you are in any doubt regarding the installation, please contact us.
All site work must be undertaken by qualified personnel only.
These notes are for guidance only and it is for the installer to ensure the installation is in accordance with all structural and regulatory requirements.
IMPORTANT: These instructions are for guidance only. Please refer to the full Installation and Operating Guidelines when specifying / installing the product.

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