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Submersible Pumps for Sewage

  • Piranha 08 - 110
    Submersible pumps Piranha with shredding system, for the problem-free pumping of sewage containing faecal matter in small diameter pipe lines, in domestic, municipal and industrial applications.


  • AS 0530 - 0840

    Submersible pumps AS for pumping of residual water in domestic and communal applications. 2''  version is especially suited to dewatering underground garages. Vortex hydraulics on AS 0530, 0630 & 0830. Solids passage of 60 mm on AS 0630 & 0830 and 40 mm on AS 0530 make them suitable for fluids containing fibrous or abrasive material, and for sewage. Contrablock hydraulics on models AS 0640 and 0840 with solids passage of 45 & 30 mm.


  • AFP Pumps
    ABS submersible AFP pumps from 1.3 to 1,000 kW (1.7 - 1,300 hp) for reliable and economic pumping of heavily polluted sewage in commercial, industrial and municipal applications. 

    Water pressure-tight encapsulated flood-proof motors in standard or explosion-proof versions with option of jacket cooling system. Suitable for both wet and dry installation. Hydraulics with open or closed, single or multi-vane impellers suitable for handling of clear water, polluted water, sewage containing solids, faecal slurry and sludge.