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Lifting Stations

  • Sanimax
    Sanimax complete wasterwater pumping unit, fitted with submersible pumps of type Robusta or MF, for floor level installation where the discharge level is below the back-wash level. Sanimax equipped with MF 154 has solids passage of 20 mm; those with MF 324 have solids passage of 30 mm.


  • Piranhamat 100 & 120
    Piranhamat is a compact faecal lifting station for direct connection to a toilet. Connection of a shower, wash-hand basin and bidet is also possible. Designed for applications where the discharge level is below the gravity sewer. Fitted with a Piranha pump shredding system, for pumping of faecal matter and sanitary articles.


  • Nirolift
    The Nirolift has been designed as a complete installation unit suitable for use with QBS submersible pumps of the Robusta 200 and MF 154-334 range. The Nirolift is ideal for the speedy dewatering of faecal-free effluent from buildings and areas below the sewer level.


  • Sanisett 1&2
    Sanisett is a synthetic collection tank with one or two pumps for above or below-ground installation. It can be equipped with Robusta, Coronada, Piranha or MF pumps for pumping wastewater, and wastewater containing faecal matter. For use in areas situated below the main sewer level. The tank cover is adjustable in all directions and heights to allow alignment with the floor.


  • Sanimat 1000, 1002 & 2002
    Sanimat lifting station for the pumping of wastewater and faecal water from areas below the gravity sewer level. Samimat 1000 is fitted with one pump for single houses; Sanimat 1002 with two pumps for large houses and small industries. Materials: tank from synthetic material, outer jacket of pumps and volute of synthetic material, rotor stainless steel AISI 420.


  • Piranhamat 701 & 1002

    Piranhamat 701 & 1002 designed for pumping wastewater and faecal effluent under pressure through small diameter pipelines. Piranhamat 701, with single Piranha pump for single family houses, Piranhamat 1002 with 2 Piranha pumps for larger dwellings and small industry. Materials: synthetic tank, motor housing cast iron EN-GJL-250, rotor stainless steel AISI 420, volute and impeller cast iron EN-GJL-250.