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AquaSeal (2 x 500ml bottles)

Price: £69.50 (£83.40 inc. VAT)
4-5 working days
12 months


Two component gel with very high dielectric, thermal and sealing characteristics, contained in two bottles.The needed quantity is poured in the small basin in the range of 1:1, then mixed with the supplied mixing spoon and poured in the particular to fill.

Non toxic & safe
Cross links at a low temperature
Low viscosity
Re-enterable after long working periods
No shelf-life
Very high dielectric characteristics
Protection higher than IP68
Installation up to 1kV

Potting Compounds

The Potting Compounds are pourable two-part compounds for potting and encapsulating electronic circuits and components. They protect against moisture and corrosion and improve insulation resistance and mechanical strength. They may be cured at room temperature, or oven cured. Use silicone oil aerosol as a mould release agent.

Our policy is one of continuous product improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and prices without prior notice. All information is given in good faith.