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WaterGuard 'Garden' 9600

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Price: £4,050.00 (£4,860.00 inc. VAT)
6-10 working days
12 months

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The WaterGuard ‘Garden’ 9600 is a fully automatic rainwater harvesting system used for the collection and supply of rainwater within both domestic and commercial applications.

The system is suitable for installing either at the initial building stage or retro fitting to existing buildings. It is designed to accept rainwater from downpipes, which is then filtered into a collection tank ready to be used to serve an outdoor tap.

The system consists of a polypropylene tank with locking access cover, connections for all connecting pipework, submersible pump and internal filters.

This system not only offers you unrestricted use of your outdoor tap but also saves you money through reduced mains water consumption.

9600 litres storage capacity.


Height (inc.dome)
WaterGuard ‘Garden’ 9600
2 x 2390mm
2 x 2190mm
2 x 2430mm

NB. Tanks 7500 litre and larger are made up of two tanks, joined at low level by 100mm waste pipe.


WaterGuard ‘Garden’
Power Supply
230V AC
Rated Current
Motor Rating
Discharge Size
Cable Length

Installation guidelines
It is important to note that these instructions are for guidance only. Please refer to the full Installation and Operating Guidelines when specifying / installing the product.

Siting the product
It is recommended that the collection tank be positioned at a minimum distance of 5m from the face of any building, so as not to affect either the structural integrity of the building or the tank.

It is imperative to assess the ground conditions and water table level prior to installation so as to provide the necessary measures to prevent floatation or movement of the tank.

Access to the collection tank is very important, as there will be a requirement for periodic maintenance and desludging of the tank.

Inlet connections
The WaterGuard ‘Garden’ 9600 rainwater harvesting system comes complete with a 110mm diameter inlet connecter that will accept 110mm uPVC underground drainage pipe. The incoming pipework needs to be pushed into the connector until a waterproof seal is formed around the pipework.

Overflow Connections
For connection of the rainwater overflow pipe the WaterGuard ‘Garden’ 9600 is supplied with a second 110mm diameter connector that will accept 110mm uPVC underground drainage pipe.

Discharge connections
The WaterGuard ‘Garden’ 9600 rainwater harvesting system comes complete with two 1” hose points. Please note 1” hose is not supplied.

Electrical connection
A qualified person in accordance with the Institute of Electrical Engineers Regulations should connect the unit to the appropriate mains supply taking into account all the electrical information provided.

IMPORTANT – The WaterGuard ‘Garden’ 9600 rainwater harvesting system must be used with an appropriate motor rated protection device.

It is essential that the WaterGuard ‘Garden’ 9600 rainwater harvesting system be periodically maintained every 12 months to ensure optimum performance of the unit.

It is also advised that the filters on the incoming 110mm pipework are checked every 2-4 weeks for any materials that may impede the flow of water into the collection tank.

Health & safety
As with all site work, the danger of working with water and electricity can pose a serious threat to health if obvious and fundamental precautions are not taken. Therefore if you are in any doubt regarding the installation, please contact us.

All site work must be undertaken by qualified personnel only.

These notes are for guidance only and it is for the installer to ensure the installation is in accordance with all the structural and regulatory requirements.

Our policy is one of continuous product improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and prices without prior notice. All information is given in good faith.

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