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Pumping Station Enquiry Specification Form

Pumping Station Enquiry Specification Form

To enable us to advise on the appropriate pumping station, please complete the following form. Once completed click on the ‘Send Form’ button located at the bottom of the page. We shall then select the most suitable system from our full range to fulfill your requirements.

Should you require any guidance on completing this form please contact our Sale Department who will be glad to help. We aim to reply within 24 hours with a full quotation.

Company Name:
Company Address:
Post Code:
Telephone: *
E-Mail: *
Contact Name: *
Project Ref.:
Site Address:
Site Post Code:
Application: Domestic

If other, please state:

Number of Properties
Total Number of Bedrooms
Total Number of Appliances No.
Wash Hand Basin
Utility Sink
Washing Machine
  Please indicate daily flow rate (if known)
Are additional gravity
drained toilet facilities available?
Yes No
Special Requirements   e.g. swimming pool, laundry etc

Please indicate daily flow rate for special requirements
(if known):
Is surface water to be combined with the foul water pumping station? Yes    No

If a separate surface water pumping station is required, please indicate below:
Surface Type Area (m sq)
Car Park
Paved Yard
Lawn Area
Other (please state)
Please indicate daily flow rate (if known)
If a holding capacity is required, please state

(A) Depth from ground level to lowest invert level (in metres)
(B) Difference in level between lowest invert level and discharge level into outfall chamber (in metres)
(C) Total distance from pump chamber to outfall chamber (in meters)
If there is a high point between the pump discharge and outfall chamber, please state the distance: (in metres)
Rising Main New   Existing
If existing, please state main material
Internal diameter of rising main (in mm)
Inlet size
Number of Inlets
Electrical supply available
Distance from control panel to pump station (in metres)
Will pumping station be located in a hazardous
area, and as such require
explosion proof pumps?
Yes   No
All control panels come complete with the following as standard: Direct on line start, IP54 Enclosure, Overload fitted to suit particular pump motor, Hand/Off/Auto selector switch (es), High Level Audible alarm with mute button, Door locking isolator, Visual indication for: 'pump(s) running', 'pump(s) tripped', 'high level', 24vAC output connection for remote beacon (to indicate high-level), Klixon connections.(All control panels offered in 3 or 4 float setup).
Extras Required - please select below:
Hours Run Meter
BMS Connection
Telemetry Unit
IS Relays (Ex. Proof)
Remote Beacon
Warning Beacon
Other (please state)
If there are any imposed flow limits into the outfall chamber, please state maximum outflow:  
Must the total storage capacity be confined to the pumping chamber? Yes    No
If No, please state available capacity upstream from the pumping chamber. (in litres)  
If the pumping station will be adopted please state the adoptive authority.
Time Frame:

To ensure that a person, not an automated program, is filling this form, please enter the characters you see in this picture. All letters will be shown in their capitalized form.



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