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Grease Guardian 10

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Price: £18,983.00 (£22,779.60 inc. VAT)
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The Grease Guardian 10 is a fully automatic grease removal system suitable for the collection, separation and removal of fat, oil and grease from grey water before final discharge. The 10 model is ideal for large flows such as hotels, resorts etc.

The system is suitable for installing either at the initial building stage or retro fitting to existing buildings and can accept waste from sinks or similar.

The system consists of a stainless steel tank with odour tight lock down lid, collection baskets, built-in operating timer and heated skimming wheels.

Solids Collection
Waste water from the kitchen is directed through the inlet of the Grease Guardian 10 where a removable strainer basket collects any solid debris.

Grease and Oil Separation
Grease in the waste water floats to the surface and is trapped while the clear water leaves the unit and enters the drainage system.

Cleaning and Grease Removal
The timer-driven heating element is activated to liquefy grease, which is then removed by the skimming wheel and deposited into a portable container for recycling.


GreaseGuardian 5

Grease Guardian D10
Power Supply
230V AC
Rated Current
Motor Rating
Revolutions per Minute
Max. Flow Rate
10 l/s
Max. Liqu. Temp.
Inlet Size
Discharge Size
Cable Length

Installation guidelines
It is important to note that these instructions are for guidance only. Please refer to the full Installation and Operating Guidelines when specifying / installing the product.

Siting the product
The Grease Guardian 10 should be positioned on a firm level surface, resistant to condensation. The unit must be located lower than the outflow of the appliances served so as to provide a gravity fall into the unit.

It is extremely important to site the Grease Guardian 10 with access in mind in the event of maintenance being required.

Inlet connections
The system comes with a 110mm inlet connector to accept incoming pipework.

Outlet connections
The system comes with a discharge connector that is to be used for connection to your discharge line. The discharge line should be run to the drainage point ensuring that the pipework is run with a fall.

Electrical connection
A qualified person in accordance with the Institute Of Electrical Engineers Regulations should connect the unit to the appropriate mains supply taking into account all the electrical information provided.

IMPORTANT – All systems must be used with an appropriate motor rated protection device.

The Grease Guardian 10 requires minimal maintenance. It is advised that both the grease collection sump and particle sump (located within the tank) are checked daily and disposed of as and when required, with a full inspection undertaken twice yearly by a service engineer.

NOTE – It is recommended that a service agreement be taken out with a technically qualified company.

Health & safety
As with all site work, the danger of working with water and electricity can pose a serious threat to health if obvious and fundamental precautions are not taken. Therefore if you are in any doubt regarding the installation, please contact us.

All site work must be undertaken by qualified personnel only.

These notes are for guidance only and it is for the installer to ensure the installation is in accordance with all the structural and regulatory requirements.

Our policy is one of continuous product improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and prices without prior notice. All information is given in good faith.