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Flood Pump Kit

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Price: £359.00 (£430.80 inc. VAT)
2-3 working days
12 months

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The Flood Pump Kit is designed to remove flood water from your property with speed and efficiency. The pump can operate within the filter tank for extra protection or independently as required.

The system consists of a polyethylene slotted tank with a removable automatic waste water submersible pump and delivery hose.


Flood Pump Kit

Flood Pump Kit
Power Supply
230V AC
Rated Current
Motor Rating
Min. Depth (Manual)
Min. Depth (Auto)
Max. Vertical Output
Max. Temp (Normal)
Max. Temp (Intermittent)
Discharge Size
1 1/4"
Cable Length
Weight 7kg
Colour Grey

Installation guidelines

It is important to note that these instructions are for guidance only and it is the contractor’s responsibility to satisfy themselves that the installation procedure is in accordance with the prevailing conditions and good building practice, to eliminate any potential damage to the product either during or after installation.Please read these instructions in full, prior to commencement of installation. If you are unsure on any point then ask for advice before proceeding. Our technical help desk is available on 01442 211 554 from 8.30am–5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

1. Connect the plug supplied to the power cable of the pump in accordance to Electrical Regulations and taking into account the on-site conditions.

2. Screw the 1 ¼” Male Plug into the Non-return Valve of the pump.

3. Select a suitable location for the flood pump kit taking into account the distance of the nearest drainage point.

4. Roll out the lay flat hose from the pump to the nearest drainage point with the quick release coupling (supplied fitted to hose) at the pump end.

5. Connect the quick release coupling to the male plug on the pump and pull both arms down locking the hose into place on the pump.

6. Connect the pump to the power supply taking into account Electrical Regulations and the onsite conditions.

7. The pump will now operate via the float arm attached to the pump, if the level of the water is not high enough to activate the pump the float arm can be removed and the pump will then pump down to low level.

8. Once the flood water has been cleared you can disconnect the pump from the power supply, remove the hose by detaching the quick release coupling and rolling up the lay flat hose to be put back into the filter tank to be re-used should a flood occur again.

Parts List

1 no. Submersible Pump (Auto, 1ph)
1 no. 20m 1 1/4" Lay Flat Hose
1 no. Filter Tank with Lid
1 no. 1 1/4" Male Plug
1 no. 1 1/4" Quick Release Coupling (attached to hose)
1 no. 5a Fused Plug


The pump is shipped disconnected from the pipe work and fittings to avoid damage in transit. Carefully unpack the system from its packaging and inspect for any signs of damage. Should there be any damage present it must be reported immediately (no claim will be considered after 24 hours from the time of delivery).


The system requires minimal maintenance; however it is strongly recommended that after each use the pump and filter are cleaned and any debris is removed.

It is also recommended that the pump is plugged in and tested every 12 months irrespective of whether it has been used within that period.


Twelve months component guarantee.

Health & safety
As with all site work, the danger of working with water and electricity can pose a severe threat to health if obvious and fundamental precautions are not taken. Therefore if you are in any doubt regarding the installation, please contact us.

All site work must be undertaken by qualified personnel only.

These notes are for guidance only and it is for the installer to ensure the installation is in accordance with all structural and regulatory requirements.

Our policy is one of continuous product improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and prices without prior notice. All information is given in good faith.