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Entire catalogues:


Product Catalogue Magna Catalogue Rainwater Harvesting Catalogue
Product Catalogue
(PDF, 8.5 MB)
Magna Catalogue
(PDF, 1.1 MB)
Rainwater Harvesting Catalogue
(PDF, 3.5 MB)

Individual product pages:

Packaged Pumping Stations

MagnaStandard (PDF, 463 KB)
MagnaCutter (PDF, 467 KB)
MagnaPro Macerator (PDF, 349 KB)
MagnaPro Vortex (PDF, 352 KB)
MagnaGrand (PDF, 315 KB)
MagnaGrand Lateral (PDF, 304KB)

Waste Water Pumping Systems
AutoFlush XL (PDF, 373 KB)
AutoFlush VOX (PDF, 368 KB)
AutoFlush CSL (PDF, 324 KB)
AutoFlush Twin (PDF, 329 KB)
AutoFlush HT (PDF, 324 KB)
AutoFlushHT Twin (PDF, 336 KB)
AutoFlush SS (PDF, 582 KB) 
AutoFlush SS Twin (PDF, 582 KB)
AutoFlush SS Pro (PDF, 569 KB)
AutoFlush SS Pro Twin (PDF, 569 KB)
AutoFlush SS HT (PDF, 532 KB)
AutoFlush SS CSL (PDF, 583 KB)
AutoFlush SS CSL Twin (PDF, 583 KB)
AquaFlush (PDF, 376 KB)
HydroFlush (PDF, 246 KB)
ShowerFlush (PDF, 240 KB)
BlueMax (PDF, 252 KB)
SumpFlush (PDF, 362 KB)
SumpFlush Pro (PDF, 378KB)

Macerators and Macerating Toilets
PowerFlush (PDF, 271 KB)
MaxiFlush (PDF, 301 KB)
MaestroSanisplit (PDF, 311 KB)
Remota (PDF, 377 KB)
Remota Pro (PDF, 372 KB)
SuperFlush (PDF, 272 KB)

Floor Mounted Pumping Stations
Atlas 70 (PDF, 355 KB)
Atlas 110 Twin (PDF, 322 KB)
Atlas 2002 (PDF, 361 KB)
PowerMaster (PDF, 332 KB)
PowerMaster Twin (PDF, 325 KB)

Rainwater Harvesting Systems
WaterGuard Garden(PDF, 311 KB)
WaterGuard Eco (PDF, 311KB)
WaterGuard Standard (PDF, 314 KB)
WaterGuard Pro (PDF, 314 KB)
WaterGuard Commercial (PDF, 282 KB)

Fat,Oil & Grease Separator Systems
GreaseGuardian (PDF, 234 KB)
BioDose (PDF, 316 KB)
EcoTrap (PDF, 234 KB)
ProTrap (PDF, 245 KB)