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There is a vast selection of accessories available for use alongside the Edincare product range. The accessories include access covers, MDPE discharge pipe work and high level alarms to name a few.

For further information please contact us on 01442 211554.

  • High Level Alarms

    High level alarms are used to provide a warning of pump failure. Should the water level rise to a high point within the pump chamber an alarm sounds to alert the user.


  • High Level Alarm Accessories
  • Control Panels

    Control panels are used to operate and manage manual pumping equipment. Installation of a control panel allows you to centralise electrical connections and provide high level and pump failure alerts.


  • Control Panel Accessories

    Various accessories and add-ons are available for control panels, allowing you to tailor your control method and alerts to your exact requirements.


  • Telemetric Systems (Aqua365 Range)
    The Aqua365 Range has been designed to put you in control of your pump system. You are able to connect the Aqua365 Monitor to almost all Edincare control panels. Using the Aqua365 Online Portal, you can view the current condition of your pump system real time from any online device. Whether you are at home or away, you and your keyholders will receive alerts via email and/or SMS if a fault condition occurs, so that you can manage the condition immediately. The Aqua365 Monitor stays connected via Wi-Fi, LAN or GPRS ensuring a reliable signal is maintained.


  • Floats

    A range of heavy duty floats for sewage and waste water applications. Available with a range of cable lengths.


  • Float Brackets

    Stainless steel brackets specially designed for our float switches. Mount against the tank wall to ensure tangle free operation.


  • Counter Weights

    Counter weights act as a pivot point on cable float switches. Use of counter weights allows the activation point of float switches to be altered.


  • MDPE/HDPE Pipe Work

    Our range of MDPE & HDPE discharge pipe in a range of lengths and diameters. Suitable for pumping under high pressure.


  • Compression Fittings

    Various fittings to connect metric MDPE to imperial BSP threads, join multiple lengths of MDPE pipe or provide 90° elbows in MDPE.


  • Electro Fusion Fittings

    Various fittings to connect multiple lengths or provide elbows in MDPE and HDPE using electro fusion connections.


  • Cable Extensions
    Various materials are offered to extend the standard cable lengths offered with our pumping equipment.


  • Kiosks

    Floor mounted metal weatherproof enclosure for installations where installing the control panel internally is not possible.


  • Access Covers

    We offer a range of access covers to suit your requirements. Special covers are available on request.


  • Lifting Chains

    Heavy duty chain used to lift motors fixed with guide rails out of deep chambers.


  • Rubber Seals/Hole Cutters

    Rubber seals in various sizes to allow connection of waste pipe to plastic tanks. Hole cutters are offered to suit the seals.


  • Reducers

    Rubber reducers allowing a simple connection from various sizes of MDPE/HDPE pipe to standard waste pipe.


  • Floor Mounted Pumping Station Accessories

    Accessories for our range of floor mounted pumping stations.


  • Grease Trap Accessories
    Accessories for our range of grease traps